Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Safe Am I

My dear friend and prayer partner, Nancy, had her 90th birthday last week. This lady has been a great inspiration and encouragement to me over the last couple of years, as we have talked about what the Lord is doing in our lives, and as we have prayed together. She suffers greatly with many orthopedic and other medical problems, and lives with pain every day.

Last week, I took her to an appointment with a specialist who might be able to help her with her pain and other issues. She was nervous about the appointment, anxious about remembering all she wanted to ask, and concerned about what changes they might make in her medications and therapies. Would it help? Make things worse? Many questions were going through her mind as we waited for the doctor to come in. Then, I heard her faintly singing. She seemed to relax, and a great sense of peace came over that cold, sterile room as she sang:

Safe am I, Safe am I,
In the hollow of His hand;
Sheltered o'er, sheltered o'er
With His love forever more
No ill can harm me, No foe alarm me,
For He keeps both day and night,
Safe am I, Safe am I,
In the hollow of His hand.

When she finished singing, she was visibly calmer, and so was I. I had never heard this song before, and now I will never forget it. The truth of it rings as clear as Scripture (Psalm 91). One thing I have learned about Nancy is that she has great faith. She was a pastor’s wife who raised five sons. She has been through many deep waters over the course of her life, but has always landed safe in the hollow of His hand. Why should she doubt now? Why should we?

Oh my friend, we are safe in Christ. Do you believe it? Then don’t be afraid of what people can and can’t do to you. Don’t be afraid of sickness, pain, or disability. Don’t be afraid of sleepless nights or sorrowful mornings. Remember that you are safe in the Lord, in His plan and His purpose. He is good and faithful, and no matter where you go, you are indeed in the hollow of His hand. 

Photo: Copyright 1992 Art By Jonathan