Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Great Blessing

I have two boys, and they are great. I have always loved having boys, as I am not a “girlie” girl, and am more comfortable with rough-and-tumble, matchbox cars and skate boards than tea parties, Barbie dolls and ballet. The Lord ordained long ago that I would be a mom of boys, and I am ecstatic that He saw fit to give me these two individuals, who are now fine young men.
But in the midst of my parenting journey, he also gave my mother’s heart a spiritual daughter, and that is what I want to share with you today. About ten years ago, when I was teaching a women’s Navigator’s Class, He brought a young woman under my wing with whom I felt an instant bond. I loved all the ladies that I led and taught, but this one was different. From the very beginning, she had a place in my heart that none of the ladies I’ve mentored before or since, has had.
At the time we met, she had a little boy who was almost three. She was a young single mom making her way through the world and learning to love and obey the Lord. She was eager to know more about Him, and diligent in her study. She was always the one who had completed her homework, and had the most thoughtful questions and input in class. When our study ended, I continued to work with her individually, and we became friends. Over the course of our time together, she married, had two more children, and then endured the heartache of marital betrayal, divorce, and back to single motherhood, this time with three children.  I too have had difficult times, and as we have both suffered and persevered, we have supported, prayed for, and loved one another through each of them.
Her children also are precious to me. I love them as if they were my own grandchildren. I’ve helped her son with schoolwork, and am teaching both of her daughters to crochet.  On their birthdays, the girls and I have a shopping and treat date. On his birthday, her son goes with my husband and younger son to do a guy thing, or we all go out together.  I pray for her and her children daily, and am working to form a relationship with the girls that I hope will give me a voice in their lives as they get older and begin to make their way through adolescence and young adulthood. This is an investment of time and energy that I gladly make, because I love their mother, and I love them.
The love that I have for this family is not of my own making. This is a love that the Lord placed on my heart. I know that because it has never wavered. My own love can be shallow and conditional, but this bond is made fast by the love of God. He has knit our hearts together in a way that only He could do. This has been such a gift to me. This family gives me joy. When the children are here, there is a happiness in my home that isn’t here at any other time. My heart feels light when I’m with these girls, and as her firstborn becomes a young man, I am reminded of my own boys and the blessing they are to me. My friendship with their mother has also grown and deepened. As she has matured, I find myself seeking out the wisdom and knowledge of the Word that she has gained. She is a great encouragement to me, and our time together is precious.
So, why am I sharing all this with you? Well, especially if you are a mom of boys, I want you to prayerfully consider seeking out a spiritual daughter of your own. As you interact with younger women at church, ask the Lord to open your eyes to see a young mom who may be struggling, or new to the faith. Get to know her, and invest yourself in her life. I know that as a mom with children of your own, you are busy. But take my word for it, you will never regret investing in the life of a young woman who needs your guidance. As she learns and grows, you will also learn and grow. You are never too young to be an older woman! I was in my thirties when I “adopted” my girl.
I had a coffee date with her this morning, and as I left, I felt happy and so encouraged. She is a great blessing to me, and I am so thankful for her love and friendship. As we chatted about the children and reminisced about that Navigators’ class, I was reminded of the goodness and love of God, who gave me a daughter when I thought I would never have one, all those years ago. He knew how much we would need each other, and how we would both grow because of our relationship. Having her in my life has enriched it in countless ways, and God has blessed us both because of it. Do you have a Titus 2 relationship? If not, I urge you to prayerfully consider pursuing one. You will never be sorry!