Monday, September 1, 2014

Donuts and Coffee?

What would we do without true Christian fellowship? I'm not talking about doughnuts and coffee in the "fellowship hall". I'm talking about deep conversation about the struggles of walking through this life with Christ. What if we couldn't be real about our trials and difficulties? What if there were not other faithful brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we could share honestly? Of course, we would still go to the Lord with our trials, and he would be faithful to hear us, but there is just something about another human being in the room that is...well, it's just different.

When I have coffee with a girlfriend and tell her how I am struggling with life, I can see in her countenance that she understands and relates to what I am saying. As we confess our shortcomings to one  another, our common struggle strengthens us both as we point each other to the Lord and His word.

When my husband and I have dinner with other couples, we can share the trials and joys of marriage and life as a couple. We can encourage one another in our relationships, parenting, and work situations. We can help each other think through difficult decisions, and pray together for wisdom.

When our fellowship group gets together, we can hash out the tough points of the sermon, share understanding about theology, and encourage one another by sharing what we've read in our Bibles that week.

Today, I am just so thankful that God has put believers into His body, to build one another up. I am encouraged by His grace in doing this, and so grateful for His providence. How about you? I hope you'll share something in the comments about your Christian fellowship habits. Let's encourage one another today!